Eshmoon Holistics

Producer of healthy alternative food items (Chocolate, Cereals, Coffee, etc…) that are made from natural and organic ingredients. Adopting healthy principles of food combinations, the products are all gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free.

Many aspects of Eshmoon are innovative and can be summed up with coming back to our local roots in order to express their unique local identity.

Eshmoon’s philosophy and mindset of being true to themselves is innovative and drives their solutions. Eshmoon uses local products such as carob molasses to sweeten their chocolates and desserts. The logo itself is a reflection of their identity and is unique in that it combines five elements of nature (air, fire, minerals, water and wood).

It provides a healthier alternative to chocolates and desserts by using natural alternatives to sugar, and by being gluten free and organic. This is therefore ideal for children, for those with diabetes and for those who simply want to consume tasty and healthy combined.

Eshmoon packaging is reusable or recyclable and thus is environmentally friendly. They are socially responsible in that it hires from the rural community and the underprivileged and is involved in community service. They use clean and natural ingredient so the end consumer’s health is benefitting.

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