Coteaux du Liban

Coteaux du Liban is a family-owned winery rooted in a legacy of love and dedication. The vineyards are located in the Bekaa Valley, on an average altitude of 1100 m where the heritage of Phoenician and Roman times in viticulture still lives on.

Coteaux du Liban was founded in 1999 by the late Nicolas Abou-Khater, a Burgundy-trained winemaker who returned home to start his own winery in the Bekaa Valley after gaining experience in Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. Tragically, Nicolas passed away in a car accident in 2009, and his wife Roula, a gifted pianist, and musicologist, stepped forward to carry on the family legacy.

Though lacking any prior experience in winemaking or business management, Roula embraced her new role with unwavering passion and devotion. Through sheer determination and a deep love for her husband’s vision, Roula taught herself the ins and outs of managing the estate, tirelessly working to uphold the standards of excellence that Nicolas had set for the winery.

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