Olive Trade®

Building on a centuries old legacy of passion, craftsmanship and know-how in the olive culture and pressing in the terroir of Baino, in the Akkar region of Lebanon, with a full modernistic vocation, Olive Trade® specializes in carefully crafted innovative olive-derived products, cured in the pure Mediterranean tradition with a contemporary twist since 2004.

Olive Trade® activities cover the full spectrum of the value chain from farming, to harvesting, processing, packaging, storage, quality control, product development, marketing, retail and distribution.

The innovative product portfolio encompasses a comprehensive line up of terroir produce, featuring Souri monocultivar premium, organic, conventional and infused extra virgin olive oils, alongside a wide selection of tasteful appetizers, exotic delicacies, authentic Lebanese condiments and natural olive oil cosmetics… under distinctive exclusive brands, Zejd, Mediterranean Olive Drops and Zeytna, tailored to high end, mainstream and ethnic markets.

The specialized services offering includes private label packing, olive oil processing and olive oil trail.

House of Zejd, Olive Trade® flagship store, designed to create an immersive experience in the exclusive universe of Zejd coveted brand, was opened in Beirut since 2013, and is a franchise-ready concept.

Olive Trade® ecosystem includes a wide base of targeted customers both in B2C and B2B from different socio-economic backgrounds and geographies and well as a large supplier base of farmers and niche producers from underprivileged rural communities in addition to local manufacturers…

Out of a strong belief in preserving and spreading the Lebanese olive cultural heritage that dates back to the Phoenician times, with an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards and most stringent international norms, a sustainable approach in full respect of the land and environment, a fair trade practice in close collaboration with local farmers and cooperatives, a traceability throughout the supply chain… Olive Trade®  strives to grow its market share locally and further expand its global market reach – already present in different territories worldwide – through a strong focus on export and operations in Lebanon.

    Team Members

    Youssef Fares / General Manager

    Yvonne Fares / Managing Partner