YY ReGen

YY ReGen is aiming to re-energize the agricultural sector in Lebanon with a one-stop platform for ‘’on-demand’’ renewable energy targeting Lebanese farmers.

Launched in January 2021, YY ReGen is aiming to  re-energize the agricultural sector in Lebanon with a one-stop platform for ‘’on-demand’’ renewable energy targeting Lebanese farmers.

After analyzing data inputted by the farmer through the app, the platform computes the potential energy yield of both Solar PV electricity and BioGas and proposes a solution in the form of portable, modular power generation units for both Solar PV and BioGas generation that the farmer can rent or lease.

Scalability, accessibility, modularity, affordability & reliability are the key differentiators of their technology. The solution speaks the language of the farmer and operates on his or her terms. Their power solutions come in quick-to-install containerized formats, and they supply and support this service via a rental model adapted to the farmer’s cash flow, secured by the value of the fruits and vegetables being grown.

The ReGen-R8 system is applicable across all types of agricultural ventures in Lebanon and the region, from fruit and vegetable cultivation to viniculture, animal husbandry &  food processing.  The system’s portability & modularity allows it to be sited at the location of most need and scaled to demand.

The immediate beneficiaries are the farmers and landowners currently struggling through the power crisis.  The trickle-down and trickle-up benefits extend far beyond – upstream and downstream – as we allow agricultural activity to restart – and the whole commercial ecosystem to come back to life.

The team is certain that they can make renewable energy the cornerstone of on-site power generation for Lebanese and regional farmers and agriculturalists trying to grow the crops to meet internal food demand and to reach export markets for critically needed hard currency while saving the environment at the same time. The modularity, portability, and adaptation to customer needs open multiple market segments and allow the startup to scale vertically within their chosen market segment (Lebanese Agriculture) and eventually horizontally to adjacent industries and commercial interests.

The startup intends to build locally, re-use and upcycle existing components and progressively reduce the cost per unit of their modules while growing their subscription customer base and revenue stream along with it.

  • YY ReGen is currently enrolled in the Cleanergy program

Team Members

Hasan Jaafar / co-founder

Nadine Haddad / co-founder

Joe Rahme / co-founder

Amer Khayyat / co-founder