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ReGen-R8 aims to re-energize Lebanon & the MENA region by making access to renewable energy sources a hassle free and affordable reality.

Partners with Sun

Partners with Sun is a startup working on developing a solar convection oven, a standard bakery oven with a new heat exchange mechanism connected to an industrial solar panel.

Azca Solar      

Azca Solar is creating low-cost solar water heaters with a simple, tankless system where the solar collector and the tank are in the sameunit.            


MOWEC launched in January 2021 with a mission to counter climate change by ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.          


Hexafresh is a new eco-friendly cooling technology that consumes less electricity than an air conditioner and cools the room better than a fan.

PVBOT Cleaner

PVBOT Cleaner is startup offering automated solutions for cleaning medium to large PV farms situated in dry deserts, eliminating any use of water.

Green Essence

LED will support green essence by hiring a consultant to assist in increasing human resource capacity by training/advising the company on how to recruit the salespeople.

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