Biomass SAL

Driven by a simple passion for real food, Biomass has been farming organically since 2007 with a growing range of certified organic products. They converted their family farm to organic farming standards, providing healthier, tastier and safer products to the market.

Biomass partners with other farmers sharing their core values and dedication to health, nature, and commitment to grow and produce quality, organic-certified food, creating a more diverse selection of products and extending their farming potential.

They are also certified according to the European (EU) Regulation for Organic Farming, by the Italian Certification Body, “CCPB”.  All farms, and production units are regularly inspected to ensure conformity to organic production standards, same goes to their partners.

Biomass products, available on retail outlets shelves, can be traced all the way back to the farm. Their products are commercialized in three categories (over 250 items):

  • Organic Fresh Produce (Fruits & Vegetables)
  • Organic Fresh Eggs (Table Eggs)
  • Organic Dry Grocery Items (including Olive Oil, Dried Thyme, Ketchup, Quinoa, Coconut Products, Molasses, Other)

Biomass is actively working to develop a sustainable approach to farming in Lebanon, relying on permaculture practices. The company is also working on introducing applications, at farming and post-harvest levels, improving production standards, quality of the products, and increase farming capacity of organic food products, across the region.

Biomass is a pioneer in in the Middle East, the initiative was initially launched to offer in the healthiest way possible products hardly available in the Lebanese market. The company works closely with its commercial partners (suppliers /farmers, clients/retailers/consumers) in promoting and developing organic food projects and products.

Organic farming offers consumers, farmers and stakeholders in the food industry with a sustainable alternative to conventional farming production system. Farming and Food Processing operators have a responsibility towards consumers, the planet, nature and the environment, to produce healthy, sustainable food.
Organic farming is based on a traceable, transparent, accountable and ethical food production system that is in conformity to consumers expectations in terms of health, food safety and environmental concerns.

Consumers (individuals and households) and food businesses are mostly benefiting from organic food products. The market is driven by healthy and environmentally concerned segment, aware of the welfare of farmers, animals and natural ecosystems.

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