Kanz 750 x 500


KANZ is a social enterprise that aims at achieving scalable and lasting change in Lebanon’s rural areas. Through its line of fresh and natural products handmade by the women of Lebanon’s villages, Kanz returns to the land to revive its traditions and share them with the world, while empowering more than 1,000 women in 53 villages.

Empowering directly the females in rural communities by making them the main workforce and breadwinners. Restoring a self-reliant sustainable agriculture and food system that expands the growth potential of Lebanese lands. Bridging Lebanon with a strong worldwide network of consumers, stakeholders, and potential investors. Directing its profits to Beit el Baraka and supporting the organization’s mission of improving the livelihood of families living in strong financial distress.

    Team Members

    Maya Ibrahimchah / Co-Founder

    Elie Youssef / Co-Founder