Farmville Barouk – Cezar Projects

Cezar’s Projects, a social enterprise founded in 2017 in Shouf Mount Lebanon, spearheads rural tourism initiatives with a focus on preserving local traditions and empowering the community. Notable projects include Farmville Barouk, an agritourism venture, and Cezar’s guesthouses in Barouk. The company pioneers youth-driven innovation, partnering with local farms, guesthouses, and adventure tourism activities, such as introducing paragliding in collaboration with Shouf Biosphere Reserve.
In addition to these ventures, Cezar’s Projects plays a pivotal role in supporting local initiatives, transforming conceptual ideas into sustainable projects. Collaborations with Maaser Donkey Farm and Streeh Guesthouse showcase the company’s commitment to holistic community development. By organizing experiential packages that seamlessly integrate these initiatives with other local services and experiences, Cezar’s Projects provides visitors with an immersive journey through the rich cultural and natural tapestry of the Shouf region.

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