Freshco- George Jabbour

LED is assisting Feer Mcqueen to do a complete organizational and HR restructuring.

Jabbour for agriculture and trading Company base in Terbol was established in 1965 and is engaged in the production and marketing of a wide variety of fruits vegetables and herbs.

Freshco exports all kind of fruits and vegetables to a UAE based company. But since May 2017 the UAE Banned the import of certain fruits and vegetables from some countries including Lebanon over concerns for high levels of pesticides and requested that countries impacted by the ban provide a certificate of analysis on pesticide residues for all their imported vegetable and fruits.

Since freshco main client is in the UAE and to maintain and increase the current market and reduce risks freshco needs to ensure that its crop production compliance with UAE requirements.
LED will hire a consultant to assist freshco to implement the requirements of global GAP. With LEDs support, the company expects to increase in sales and generate 5 new jobs by 2020.

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