ProShield is a solar-heated poultry house. This startup created an innovative heating plan that uses solar water heaters as an alternative green energy source, providing the required temperature for the various poultry growth stages.

They want to heat poultry houses using high-end solar water heaters and a circulation system for hot water as needed. It has a long life span since there are no batteries or scarce resources. It also has a PRO-Shield to prevent overheating of the solar water heater and is designed to produce enough power to operate a full house (including all its features) with over 20 thousand chickens.

  • ProShield is currently enrolled in the Agrytech program

Team Members

Haytham Dbouk / Co-Founder

Nour Dbouk / Co-Founder

Fatima Alayan / Co-Founder

Rana Chehab / Co-Founder

Layal Attieh / Co-Founder