Garbaliser Cleanergy batch 1

Garbaliser S.A.L

GARBALISER is a company that specializes in transforming organic waste, vegetable remains, and animal manure into liquid organic fertilizers. Designed to improve crop quality and yield while being environmentally safe, GARBALISER products are formulated and produced under the supervision of professional experts, using natural anaerobic fermentation processes.

The result is a 100% organic blend of plant nutrients, with zero chemicals or synthetic substances added, that can be used to maintain natural soil fertility or enhance crops. Used processes reduce pollution and carbon footprint including the raw material sourcing method, where organic waste intended to be dumped in landfills is collected and reused.

GARBALISER is committed to offering farmers as well as gardeners a safer and more effective fertilizing solution while being also engaged in applying and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Garbaliser S.A.L is an alumnus of the Cleanergy Program

Team Members

Hanan Ismail / Business Development Manager