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inCharge is a startup working to reduce the number of wasted lead-Acid batteries by providing inspection and maintenance services for used lead acid batteries.

Green Soap    

Green soap are on a mission to minimize food waste by converting used cooked oil into soap by adding sodium hydroxide.

Semaan Company      

Semaan Company is developing an innovative construction brick composed of plastic waste and sand with an alternative method of construction.

Two Better

Two Better is a startup working on recycling plastic waste and turning them into aesthetic products, through providing sustainable and unique designs.


BIOwayste is a decentralized enclosed system that allows the on-site conversion of organic waste into biogas and biofertilizer through a simple and natural bio-degradation process.


Diwama is utilizing digital technologies to create disruption in the waste management industry by developing a computer vision software for waste detection and analysis.


INFRASTIC is a startup working on a new construction technology, made up of plastic ‎processed pigments to replace ‎the traditional hollow block.‎

Collect to Create

Collect to Create is a startup working on transforming unwanted and broken items into useful and artistic products.

The Refurbishers

The Refurbishers is a startup working on electronic waste management.


REBORN is a startup working on a solution for the inefficient usage of resources in manufacturing fabrics and clothes

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