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Two Better

Two Better is a startup working on recycling plastic waste and turning them into aesthetic products, through providing sustainable and unique designs.


BIOwayste is a decentralized enclosed system that allows the on-site conversion of organic waste into biogas and biofertilizer through a simple and natural bio-degradation process.


Diwama is utilizing digital technologies to create disruption in the waste management industry by developing a computer vision software for waste detection and analysis.


INFRASTIC is a startup working on a new construction technology, made up of plastic ‎processed pigments to replace ‎the traditional hollow block.‎

Collect to Create

Collect to Create is a startup working on transforming unwanted and broken items into useful and artistic products.


Garbaliser is a startup working on converting household food waste to natural gas and fertilizer

The Refurbishers

The Refurbishers is a startup working on electronic waste management.


REBORN is a startup working on a solution for the inefficient usage of resources in manufacturing fabrics and clothes


Enable sustainable solid waste management through integrated, inclusive, and tech enabled approach

Plastc lab

Plastc lab is a startup working on recycling plastic to produce sell-able products.

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