La Brocante – Upcycling for the Community and the Environment

La Brocante collects donations of used furniture and household appliances, employs disabled and disadvantaged people to restore them and then re-sells them at reasonable prices.

La Brocante started in 2007 as a response to the 2006 war on Lebanon. Arcenciel set a plan to gather and restore furniture and then donate it to the people who were rebuilding their homes. Eventually, as the operation grew, restored and upcycled items were also put up for sale benefiting the cause of the organization to serve Lebanon’s underprivileged and marginalized communities. 

Our project manager – Jihad Jelwan, joined in 2019, motivated by La Brocante’s mission to take abandoned and donated furniture and renovate it using the talents of people with difficulties. He’s dedicated all his efforts since then to maximize the impact of La Brocante on the community and on the environment by improving our exposure, visibility and access.

Craftsmen employed in our workshops include people with disabilities who are integrated into our renovation teams empowered to learn new skills and encouraged to take hold of their lives. Together, we work to recycle, re-use and re-purpose materials and furniture, keeping them out of the waste stream and extending their usable life. We sell high-quality up-cycled furniture and wide-ranging product lines at various price points allowing anyone to find a treasure in our showrooms.

After 13 years, La Brocante once again served its initial mission to offer disaster relief to the community after the August 4 explosion. We worked relentlessly to pick up furniture donations from across the country, donated furniture to more than 500 homes impacted by the explosion and helped renovate more than 8,100 broken furniture pieces.

You can be part of our mission in many ways. Contact us to donate your used furniture, visit our showrooms to buy from us, help us multiply our impact with financial donations, and spread the word to let more people know about us. 

Employing people with difficulties to create high quality up-cycled furniture


Working craftsmen


Upcycled pieces of furniture


Replacement and repair beneficiaries



More than a decade of giving furniture new lives while impacting the lives of hundreds of people


La Brocante was born. The idea of upcycling furniture with the help of PWD to follow the mission of Arc En Ciel 


First 120 Faithfull Clients 


Launched La Brocante des artistes – yearly events to Empower Lebanese artists to re-purpose the Brocante’s classic items into creative works of art.

50+ artists contributed to the mission of La Brocante 

2021 +

Launching E-platform to sell furniture online 

500 houses assisted after the blast 


La Brocante repaired and upcycled 8150 furniture after the blast 


La Brocante opened a new  Showroom in Sin El Fil.

We need your support to make a bigger impact

Buy our upcycled furniture

Buy high quality up-cycled furniture and houseware to help reduce furniture waste and create green jobs for marginalized people.

Support us financially

We’re always grateful for any financial support. By donating to us you will contribute to our expansion and contribute to saving the environment and alleviating poverty.

Get in touch

We’re open for new investment opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. If you think we can make a bigger impact together, please get in touch.


This call for support is part of Berytech’s Impact Rise campaign, launched with the aid of MEPI, to help seven Lebanese social impact startups generate more awareness and get more support from potential clients, donors and investors. Join us in empowering them to make a bigger impact and shape a better Lebanon.