Live Love Recycle — making recycling easy and Accessible for Everyone

Live Love Recycle is digitizing the waste management industry and connecting all parties involved in the recycling process, including recyclers and recycling facilities. 

As Lebanon’s garbage problem reached the level of a national catastrophe in 2015, our founder Georges Bitar took matters into his own hands by launching a simple initiative to collect recyclables and deliver them to recycling plants. With the success of his first response, Georges created an application offering the same solution to its users: free, on-demand pick-up of recyclables. Live Love Recycle was born.

Since then, our journey has been full of challenges and opportunities. We used grant money to buy 50 electric bikes and hired a fleet of 400 drivers to pick up recyclables from across Beirut. In 2019, the Lebanese government banned electric bikes, making our fleet unusable and a logistical burden. Unstoppable, we launched a round of crowdsourced funding collecting $75,000 to continue our operation, motivated by the wide support we received from the public. We’ve managed to serve 25,000 households so far, collecting close to 6000 tons of waste.

The recent version of our mobile application allows users to request the collection of their recyclables at their convenience, and benefit from enhanced features and gamified rewards. As for our Live Love Recycle Facility App, it gives recycling facilities access to an online stock market that connects them with buyers to sell their products and find the best prices.  

While we have been collecting recyclables for free so far, we have launched the e-payment option on our application and are expanding our operation to reach Beirut, Metn, Hazmieh, and Baabda and new regions such as Tripoli and Jounieh with the partnership we have with Green Track. Each of our drivers collects four tons of recyclables from 300 houses per month which is equivalent to 50 tons per year. The more drivers we have, the more recyclables we can collect.

We need you to download our app and subscribe to our services to ultimately help us hire more drivers and cover more areas in Lebanon. You can also donate money to contribute to our expansion or reach out to us for new investment opportunities, partnerships and collaborations. 

Building a zero-emission recycling collection service, while employing people below the poverty line​


Households served in Beirut


Tons of waste collected over the past 5 years


Full-time jobs secured for workers from vulnerable communities, including women


Volunteers joined 50+ Live Love Recycle Nature Cleanups

Five years of passion, perseverance and patience


Launching Live Love Recycle during the garbage crisis in Lebanon

Receiving a grant from BMZ, through the World Food Programme, to build a prototype and test it out over 1 year


Crowdfunding on Kickstarter. 933 backers pledged $52,067.


Finalized the new application after one year of testing


Receiving Grant from the Swiss and German Embassy


Receiving a grant from BMZ, through the World Food Programme, to build a prototype and test it out over 1 year

We need your help. Let's join forces to recycle more, save the environment, and employ more people

Download the app and start recycling

When you recycle with us, we guarantee the best handling of your garbage and give you live tracking access of our drivers to reassure you of proper waste management. 

Support us financially

We’re always grateful for any financial support. By donating to us you will contribute to our expansion and contribute to saving the environment and alleviating poverty.

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We’re open for new investment opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. If you think we can make a bigger impact together, please get in touch.


This call for support is part of Berytech’s Impact Rise campaign, launched with the aid of MEPI, to help seven Lebanese social impact startups generate more awareness and get more support from potential clients, donors and investors. Join us in empowering them to make a bigger impact and shape a better Lebanon.