The Volunteer Circle – Your Life. your Skills. your Impact.

The Volunteer Circle is a platform for skill-sharing across all areas of Lebanon that matches volunteers, community services, experience seekers and multi-talented individuals with the cause that needs them the most.

Thousands of people want to make an impact and stay active, but don’t know how or where to start. Our founder Malak Yacout discovered that she shared a similar struggle with people who wanted to volunteer but could not find a relevant opportunity. She also found that there is an immense need for support across all fields of civil society but that the process was random, time-consuming and inefficient for organizations.  

This is when her idea for The Volunteer Circle came up: a platform that unlocks access to volunteerism by matching the supply of time and skills of volunteers to the community needs on-demand. We connect people to the volunteer opportunity or the cause that needs them the most while meeting community needs. We provide a marketplace for volunteering, turning potential talent and time wasted into measurable impact on social, environmental, cultural, and economic levels.  

We don’t only support volunteers and the stakeholders in finding their role within society but we also improve well-being. With the unemployment rate among youth at 38.4% and 32% of the Arab talent underutilized, The Volunteer Circle is the conduit to building peaceful societies, channeling talent and potential into impact, preventing it from turning into dangerous, violent, or addictive behavior.

We have been relentlessly working to build a smarter and more inclusive product, that moves beyond a simple one-way website to a dynamic, data-oriented tool that backs up the strength and diversity of our community. For the past two years, we have closely been listening to the needs of 5,000 users and volunteers of our growing community to shape the optimal platform in the way that is most likely to influence real change. Think gamification, capacity-building modules, and an end-to-end skill-sharing experience for anybody who wants to make an impact but doesn’t know how or where to start. 

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Turnkey Volunteer Activation to the Scale Needed




Partner NGOs across all sectors and locations


Accurate matches between volunteers and organizations


Lives touched


Cost Saved 

Five years of turning potential talent and time wasted into measurable impact


The idea of The Volunteer Circle is born


Development of the online platform


Launch of The Volunteer Circle in Lebanon

Wins Idea 2 impact competition 

Wins the Young Innovation Award

Team Expansion

1,300 new skilled volunteers for Beirut Relief and Crisis Operations


New feature, launch of the Crisis Action Section


Launch of the Mayor of Impact Program, to decentralize volunteer efforts across all sectors

Launch of the Volunteer Leadership Masterclass to support all NGOs, CBOs, start-ups, academia, governments in volunteer management

Development of a Smart Platform with Capacity-Building, Introducing a Holistic Volunteer Experience

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This call for support is part of Berytech’s Impact Rise campaign, launched with the aid of MEPI, to help seven Lebanese social impact startups generate more awareness and get more support from potential clients, donors and investors. Join us in empowering them to make a bigger impact and shape a better Lebanon.