Teabah — The Authentic Taste of Lebanese Nature

Teabah is a local tea brand that uses high-quality ingredients planted and cultivated in Lebanon while empowering rural women and  preserving a natural heritage.

Beyond all the tangible traditions a country carries, there’s a sort of feeling that accompanies sitting in its old houses, walking in its narrow pathways and mingling with its locals. We call it Teabah, and we bring it to you in a cup of tea.

Our founder, Boushra Hassanieh, created her own tea blends six years ago out of her love for tea and the rich nature surrounding her hometown. In 2019, she decided to turn her passion into a brand that offers different tea blends, all green-based, infused with herbs to elevate the taste, and sold in unique hand-crafted wooden boxes.

We offer fresh, high-quality tea with a whole experience behind it: the people, the lands, the herbs, the Teabah. Our tea brings change to the lives of women and farmers with our decentralized production approach based on collaborations with the rural community. We introduce herb production to farmers that helps them sustain their farms and we guarantee to buy their crops. We also provide women who work with us with the needed knowledge to cultivate the herbs and enough plants to plant in their gardens. We then go back and buy the crops from them, helping them sustain better financials while working from home.

Despite the difficult times in the past year, we succeeded in validating our product in the Lebanese market while winning many awards along the way. We opened our workshop to the public, employed 4 full-time women in it, built our first greenhouse, and sold more than 20,000 tea bags in Lebanon. 

We want to multiply our production to impact more lives, and we want you to help. Buy your tea from us, donate money to help us grow and support more independent farmers and rural women, and of course spread the word about our and your Teabah. 

We provide the farmers with the needed knowledge to cultivate the herbs, and then go back and buy the crops from them


Clients buying the Lebanese authentic Tea 


Employees joined Teabah’s team from farmers to rural women 


Lands used to grow tea crops and produce more than 20,000 bags of tea


Product lines and flavors 



A young brand brewing with tradition


Teabah was founded

Grant awarded with GIL Program and UNICEF

Entered the Impact Rise Program with Berytech

Won SPRINT Network of Innovation Award

Won Jawa2ez GIL first award

Collaborated with an organic farm


Set up of the first greenhouse

Set up of the workshop


Setting up our e-commerce store for the GCC area

Setting up new workshop and hiring 3 more women

Collaborating with 3 new farmers

Opening of Teabah’s teashop and tea lounge

Help us scale Teabah's production to increase green spaces and empower more women in Lebanon

Buy and serve our tea

Collaborate with us and buy our tea to help us invest in more lands, help increase the green spaces in Lebanon, and empower more women and farmers.

Support us financially

We’re always grateful for any financial support. By donating to us you will help us expand our operations and make more impact.

Get in touch

We’re open for new investment opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations. If you think we can make a bigger impact together, please get in touch.


This call for support is part of Berytech’s Impact Rise campaign, launched with the aid of MEPI, to help seven Lebanese social impact startups generate more awareness and get more support from potential clients, donors and investors. Join us in empowering them to make a bigger impact and shape a better Lebanon.