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Compost Baladi SAL- a community-based, user-driven bio waste disposal and composting solution

Compost Baladi was co-founded to respond to the critical need and demand for local bio waste solutions and services.

Green Essence- Bringing clean and solar-powered energy to rural communities and farmers

Green Essence Lebanon’s solution provides farmers with solar systems and uses an innovative financing model to relieve farmers’ financial burdens.

Go Baladi- Providing nutrition and food through goat dairy

Hajjar Foods SAL (Go Baladi)’s innovation focuses on offering goat dairy as an alternative to cow dairy and on maintaining and growing the productive capacity of milking goat farms.

Robinson Agri- Countering resource mismanagement with holistic irrigation and farming solutions

Robinson Agri providing a complete solution : including a complete irrigation system + hybrid seeds + technical support and financial support

Biomass SAL- Increasing organic food production

Biomass increases the production capacity of organic certified food products in Lebanon, by using farming techniques and practices that reduce and optimize agricultural input use and resource use.

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