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Podcast #5: Richardos Lebbos, CEO & Co-founder of Startchy

Listen to Richardos Lebbos, talking about the birth of his innovation in a university lab and how he was able to turn it into a viable commercial solution and scale his startup to the USA where he now[...]

Podcast #4: Corine Kiame, Chief Investment Officer at IM Fndng

Listen to Corine Kiame, sharing her journey in finding her true passion for finance at a very young age, learning how to operate in crisis early in her career, and growing her insensitivity to[...]

Podcast #3: Wael Saade, Co-founder of Bildits

Listen to Wael Saade, Co-founder of Bildits sharing his journey. Wael’s own playfulness reflects the learn-and-play values of Bildits as he talks about launching the startup while still a student,[...]

Podcast #2: Ramy Boujawdeh, COO of Berytech

Listen to Ramy Boujawdeh, COO of Berytech, talking about Berytech’s journey with years dedicated to building the ecosystem and catalyzing innovation.

Podcast #1: Yusr Sabra, CEO & Co-founder of Wakilni

Listen to Yusr as she shares her journey in launching Wakilni, raising $2.5M in angel investments, retaining talent in financial crisis, finding the right partners, and aggressively scaling her[...]

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