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The WEEL Project Supports Diet Delights to Expand into Healthy Food Production

Diet Delights (Food Delights) was established in Lebanon in 2004 with a joint effort of a group of highly qualified licensed dietitians to fill a gap and to address a growing need in the Lebanese and[...]

Geek Express: Supported by the WEEL Project to Expand in the GCC

Geek Express started as an art gallery in 2016 and transformed into an Ed-tech platform in 2017 that now offers more than 50 courses in coding and tech literacy. It became an academy with summer[...]

Ground Vertical Farming: Supported by the WEEL Project to bring technology to farming

Ground Vertical Farming (GVF) brings a simple but affordable system, especially designed to offer the benefits of vertical farming to deprived agricultural areas. The startup uses existing and proven[...]

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