Berytech Business support

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to
start, grow and manage your business.

Business Matchmaking

Berytech has gathered a pool of experts, trainers, mentors coaches and consultants who are ready to pass on their knowledge and experience. Discover how we can provide the expert you need.


Business Training

Our training program covers a broad range of topics supporting the growth needs of startups and SMEs. Keep up with our ongoing trainings, from the essentials to the advanced.


Incubation & Support Program

Launching a startup could be the most challenging thing to do, this is why we created a flexible support program that can carry you from idea to success in a few months. Reach out to us if you are ready to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.


Services For Startups & SMEs

Accounting, human resources, legal duties and tasks, and crisis management are part of the daily challenges of startups and SMEs. Find out how we can relieve you from these tasks as you focus on your growth and success.


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