Access to Markets & Soft Landing


Facilitate your access to international markets


We facilitate your access to international markets through established partnerships with regional, European and International networks.

Berytech is a certified Business Innovation Centre by the European Business Network (EBN).

Soft Landing

Soft Landing (SL) is a new co-incubation service for innovation-led companies who wish to explore new markets offered by EBN Business Innovation Centers (BICs) and other incubators/clusters at a selection of global locations.

The Soft Landing Club is a network of business innovation centers and incubators that provide assistance to innovative companies

The main aim of the SL initiative is to offer BICs client companies easy and practical solutions to go international, by providing short business support to those companies with international business development aspirations.

Go International

The main objective is to offer companies easy and practical solutions to go international through:

  • Ensuring that businesses entering or expanding into a new country are introduced to that country’s business practices and culture most effectively.
  • Providing additional help to accelerate foreign companies’ learning processes, help them make contacts in the new country, and provide access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals.
  • Logistical Support: e.g. Accommodation Arrangements, Access to Office, IT.
  • Fast Track Access to local business community: Statistics tailored to your business needs, setting up meetings and networking events with your customers, clients or suppliers.
  • Specialised Support: e.g. Meeting with specialized experts, business advisors.

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