Business Practice Sessions


Guiding you on every aspect of growing your business


The Business Growth Practice Sessions have been developed by our team to help individuals who just have a business idea or who are launching their own startup. The team uses the GrowthWheel® online tool to help you structure and assess your actions, decisions and progress based on validated business methods.

You have the flexibility to attend any session you want or follow through the entire modules as a program to gain the skills you need to launch and manage your startup.

  • Module 1: Business Model Canvas
  • Module 2: The Value Proposition
  • Module 3: Tools for Market Research
  • Module 4: Testing interest with Testing Techniques
  • Module 5: Analyzing Customers’ needs
  • Module 6: The right Marketing Activities for your business
  • Module 7: Develop a Business Plan
  • Module 8: Profitability Review
  • Module 9: Building the Right Team
  • Module 10: Pitching your business idea

Our Business Support team is certified in using GrowthWheel®, an international toolbox and cloud-based platform used by business advisors to help businesses make decisions and take action with a 360° perspective, as an alternative from the conventional business plan.

Meet us once a month for this 3-hour practice session. The fees are 25,000 LBP per session.


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