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It is critical for founders of Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Lebanon to work closely with their leadership teams and advisors to develop, communicate and execute a clear plan that addresses the different dimensions on how a crisis will impact their employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community. 

Berytech proposes 4 workshops focused on Crisis Management. They can be followed by one-on-one coaching sessions from Berytech experts.

  1. Workshop 1: Managing your venture’s cash-flows during crisis
    • The workshop will cover the foundations of setting the right financial management reporting with a focus on cash-flow forecasting and management during crisis. We will discuss the best ways to identify your cash-flow gaps and the most appropriate solutions to address these critical gaps. An essential skill in times of crisis.  
  2. Workshop 2: Developing your crisis and risk management plan
    • The workshop will address the most effective ways to design, develop, implement and review your company’s risk management framework. We will list the key risk areas facing your company, we will prioritize these risks, we will map them and develop a contingency plan for the most critical risk areas. Another essential skill to master during turbulent times.
  3. Workshop 3: Aligning your people and your customers during crisis
    • Failure to align your employees and your customers in times of crisis might result in severe value destruction. This workshop will present a crisis management model to better align your people and your customers. We will apply the model to a case study and adapt it to your company’s specific challenges.
  4. Workshop 4: Effective communication and governance during crisis
    • Developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing communication plan is a must in times of crisis. We will share the foundations for effective communication in turbulent times and present two real case studies of Lebanese SMEs who are adapting their communication plans to the needs of their respective stakeholders.

One-On-One Coaching Sessions

The workshops may be followed by one-on-one coaching sessions with experts from Berytech who will help you and your leadership team in customizing the Crisis Management Plan to your specific risk areas.



You can read the Blog written by Berytech’s Senior Caoch and Investment Advisor title Crisis Management: 10 Simple Steps to Survive The Crisis & Thrive Afterward.

Let us know what you need. We’ll do the rest.

It will be a pleasure reviewing the risk management challenges facing your company and working with you and your team to strengthen your risk governance foundation building on best-practices gathered over the past 30 years working with MSMEs around the world. This advisory service is offered by Berytech as part of our Business Support Services to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

You can email us with your request or for further information on and we will get back to you.


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