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Affordable Legal Services for every phase of your business


Legal services are currently offered through Lexyom – a startup part of the Berytech Community, that has created legal support packages for every phase of your business.

Lexyom is an online legal services provider helping you get answers to your legal questions, buy legal services with continuous support in Lebanon and across the MENA region. It is a one-stop platform for your legal services with 24/7 support answering any queries you might have.

  • Yearly Retainer Package
    Lexyom proposes a yearly retainer package for SALs and SARLs which include filing yearly minutes, 3 hours of consultation, basic templates auto-fillable day to day agreements. Another package for SALs and SARLs includes filing the annual minutes of meeting with the commercial registry, drafting one essential contract for your business, 5 hours of legal consultation during the year, and confidentiality and attorney-client relationship.

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  • Incorporation Packages
    They also propose incorporation packages for SALs and SARLs including official and legal fees. The package for forming a SARL or SAL includes:

    • A 30-minute introduction phone call with a lawyer
    • Answers and advice from the lawyer and full support including a business name search, creating the company’s articles of association and filing local government forms
    • Start-to-finish help from the lawyer and paperwork needed to create your company
    • Governmental fees
    • Confidentiality and attorney-client relationship

    Special Berytech Rate: 15% discount

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