Mentoring & Coaching


Enabling the Professional development in Lebanon


Your growing business is far more likely to strive when you can draw on the advice and guidance of a team of mentors with proven skills and experience.

Empowering The Community

Berytech organizes every year several mentoring interventions to empower its community of entrepreneurs. Mentoring programs have revealed a positive impact and add value to entrepreneurs starting or growing their businesses.

Through that program, mentors pass along their knowledge and share their experience with mentees, transfering personal experiences of creating their startup, solving specific problems and advising on networking opportunities.

Key Benefits of Mentorship

  • Enhanced likelihood of achieving business success through increased confidence
  • Guidance during key transitions and decisions in growing a business
  • An opportunity to gain access to new markets
  • Learning about oneself and broadening one’s perspective on life
  • Learning new approaches and skills from the mentor and fellow mentees
  • Building contacts with a broad array of like-minded fellow professionals

Mentoring Partners

One of Berytech main mentoring partners is Mowgli Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide mentors who inspire, support and empower entrepreneurs in achieving their business and personal potential, encouraging sustainable job creation and social and economic development.

Another main mentoring partner is Confideo Venture Mentoring (VM), a service offered by IM Capital to support the growth of entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

Powered by MIT VMS, Confideo VM is based on the belief that a fledgling business is far more likely to strive when an entrepreneur with an idea can draw on the advice and guidance of a team of mentors with proven skill and experience.

Confideo VM trains mentors on best practices and techniques for effective mentorship, thus enabling professional development opportunities to help entrepreneurs grow their entrepreneurial skill sets and bring their ideas and inventions to market. Support starts from concept development and continues through team formation, incorporation, initial operations, and beyond.

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