Agri-food Innovation: Surviving and Thriving in Times of Adversity

Posted on June 17, 2020

Berytech reached out to members of the QOOT Cluster to understand how they survived and thrived during these times of adversity, from improving efficiency, innovating new products, growing exports and online sales, and focusing on the community.

World Environment Day: TheBeeHaus Brings Technology to the Apiary

Posted on June 5, 2020

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is Biodiversity. As we focus on biodiversity, we cannot but highlight the interdependency of biodiversity and bees. For the occasion, Berytech spoke to Nagi Abdelnour and Yazid Boustani, co-founders of TheBeeHaus startup, currently enrolled in our Agrytech Accelerator Program.

World Food Safety Day: Food Safety, Everyone's Business

Posted on June 5, 2020

On World Food Safety Day, Nadine Khoury – COO of Robinson Agri and President of the QOOT Agri-Food Innovation Cluster in Lebanon, writes a blog for Berytech on the best practices they have been implementing to help observe the principles of food safety throughout the chain of agricultural production in Lebanon.

29 actionable recommendations to boost technology transfer & commercialization in Lebanon

Posted on May 14, 2020

Experts were hired by Berytech to conduct the Technical Assistance Mission to propose a methodology able to empower researchers and students’ end of year projects in the process of turning their research projects into viable businesses.

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach for Lebanon and the region

Posted on May 4, 2020

Berytech explains the growing trend around the world to address systemic social, economic and environmental problems from a nexus perspective that takes into consideration the interrelatedness and interdependencies between Food, Energy and Water.

Lebanese Startups and the Race for Innovative Content

Posted on April 29, 2020

Berytech writes about the trends influencing content creation and media while highlighting the insight, challenges and innovation of startups in the ecosystem.

From Food Leftovers to Greenhouse Gases, What Can You Do?

Posted on April 22, 2020

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, Marc Aoun from Compost Baladi writes a blog for Berytech on what can be done to reduce greenhouse gasses, waste management in Lebanon and composting at home.

Creativity and Innovation, What else?

Posted on April 21, 2020

Javier Echarri, CEO of EBN writes for Berytech on the occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day, celebrated on April 21 each year. Berytech has been a member of EBN since 2006.

Clean Technology: Challenges & Opportunities in Lebanon

Posted on April 14, 2020

Berytech delves into the different challenges identified by the experts we have been working with. These should inspire Lebanese entrepreneurs and startups to innovate in the sector.

A Marketing Discussion in a Time of Crisis

Posted on March 31, 2020

Wael Nuweihed, mentor enrolled in Impact Rise Program, writes for Berytech on marketing plan elements and offers some suggestions in times of crises.

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