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Ebizproduction is active in the design, development and deployment of a range of solutions in the web development and web marketing areas. The company is based in Beirut – Lebanon and Marseilles – France and has sales activities in Europe and the Middle East.

Ebizproduction mainly works for online publishers, companies and organizations with large web concerns such as e-commerce
sites, online media, communities and public institutions. Our diverse areas of competence allow us to oversee web-based
projects throughout their life cycle.

In 2009 Ebizproduction launched as a commercial brand to introduce and market its Drupal expertise on the
French market.

Ebizproduction has a team of expert Drupal engineers and developers. As Project managers, UX/UI designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, Dev-Ops and System administrators, we have extensive experience in the development of Drupal-based projects. Bluedrop-ebizproduction assists you from project inception and specifications through performance and security audits.

Some references :
We have been using Drupal since 2007, please visit our site for a full list of references. RTM operates the fully integrated public transportation network in Marseille France. Drupal 6, 7 and 8 in progress. (UX/UI for D8, Vue.js, Phalcon, Integration with IS, users and content migration, mobile versions, for the main site and a host of others under RTM umbrella) Drupal 8 (UX/UI, information architecture, theming responsive)

​​ D8 (UX/UI, theming responsive)

​Intranet for World Wildlife Fund​ France Drupal 8 (UX/UI, Information architecture, module IPTC, theming responsive, advanced user management) Drupal 8 (UX/UI, information architecture, theming responsive) Drupal 7 (UX/UI, information architecture, theming responsive, bilingual English/Arabic) Drupal 7 (Dkan, Data migration from City of Montpellier, automated data integration from the government information system)

Assistance Publique des Hopitaux de Marseille Drupal 7 (UX/UI, Advanced Solr integration, information architecture, theming responsive) Drupal 7 multi-site, UX/UI, Infinite scroll, Responsive theming

Custom Solutions Drupal 7, Panoply distribution, Contributed Modules, Multilingual

Cisbio Bioassays SA Drupal 7, Advanced Solr integration, Custom developments, Performance optimizations, Multilingual

Région Ile de France PR D7



  • Yann Rotil
  • Managing Partner at Ebiz Production