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George Andrea

George holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Business Administration with finance specialization, PhD in Business Administration, and he is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter.

Professional Credentials:

Project Manager, Regulatory and compliance assessment and modernization of the social insurance rules and regulations of the social insurance function in Saudi Arabia,
 for the The General Organization for Social Insurance of Saudi Arabia: Regulatory and compliance assessment of the social insurance function.

  • Senior Adviser, The Institute of Finance. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Director of the Center of Insurance and Financing Studies, The Institute of Banking.
    • Vice President for Strategic Planning and Chief Compliance Officer, Medgulf Group MENA Region
    • Senior Adviser, Central Bank of Saudi Arabia
    • Senior Compliance Officer,General Motors Incorporation. USA
    • Chief Financial Officer,Symet Corporation, USAAcademic Credentials:
    • Professor, School of Economics .St Joseph University 
    • Finance Professor, Merrick School of Business
    • Director, Undergraduate Web Program, 
    • Director, Certified Financial Planner Program
    • Research Chairman, 
    • Executive Member, International Society for Research in Health Financial Management.