Entrepreneurs at Berytech

Maroun N. Chammas

Maroun Chammas is a serial entrepreneur with activities ranging from Oil and Gas to Telecom.

After completion of his secondary studies at Notre Dame de Jamhour in 1981, his Engineering degree in 1984, and MBA in 1986 from Boston University, Chammas joined the family business as Operations Manager for the Chammas Group of Companies.

The Group’s core business is in the import, trading, storage, transportation and distribution of refined petroleum products, for the Lebanese and surrounding regional markets.

The group operates one of the largest privately-owned bulk multi product oil terminal facility in the Near East with a capacity in excess of 50,000 MT. The group serves a network of more than 250 stations of which 180 branded service stations under the brand name of Medco and Phoenicia, 30 of them are company owned and operated stations. The Group was also the first to introduce convenience stores and is the largest operator of C-stores in the country. Other group activities in Lebanon, the Middle East and Africa include IT distribution as well as other industrial investments in North America.

In 1995 Chammas acquired an important stake in Data Management that later became a leading ISP provider through a series of mergers. Several companies related to the Internet, IT and communication businesses were then created of which Netlink, Middle Eat On Line, Navlink, Triband and Netcommerce. These companies employ today alone, more than 1000 professionals in the IT sector and are associated to a number of International firms such as BT, AT&T and others.

Chammas was appointed Chairman of the board and CEO of Berytech the technology Pole affiliated to the St Joseph University of Beirut. Berytech helps entrepreneurs set up and create their business by providing counselling and support to their enterprise. Subsequently Chammas set up the Berytech venture fund I in 2008 ($6M) and Berytech fund II in 2015 ($50M) to help entrepreneurs in equity investment.

Mr. Chammas holds currently the following positions:

  • Chairman and C.E.O of Phoenicia Oil Company
  • Chairman and C.E.O of Chammas Trading Contracting and Transport Co.
  • Vice Chairman G.M of Medco
  • Chairman and C.E.O of ELFMED Aviation (joint venture between Medco and Total aviation)
  • Vice President International Catering and Services (food supply and operations of Convenience Stores)
  • Chairman and C.E.O of (IDM)
  • Chairman and C.E.O of Berytech s.c.a.l and Berytech Fund I & II

Mr. Chammas was elected President of the Association of Petroleum Importing Companies of Lebanon (APIC) in August 2015 for a three years term. The association groups all companies in the sector.

Mr. Chammas is a former board member of IDAL, the Investment and Development Authority of Lebanon a government agency that reports directly to the Prime Minister.