Berytech Meetup powered by GIST: Artificial Intelligence Series with Beirut AI | AI in Business

January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am
Beirut Digital District Rooftop, BDD1075, 5th floor

Meetup Details

Berytech invites you to be part of a community of entrepreneurs in Lebanon focusing on science and technology. Join our third edition of the Artificial intelligence series organized in collaboration with Beirut A.I. about A.I. in Business, and access resources, build connections, and gain additional knowledge.

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Venue: Beirut Digital District Rooftop, BDD1075, 5th Floor

Registration opens at 5:30 pm and talks start at 6:00 pm sharp


Anwar El-Homsi – CEO of Jainus, will be introducing the model that will solve the foundational barriers that still exist despite the progress of A.I. implementation in businesses such as the lack of clear strategy, AI talent, functional silos, leadership commitment, AI infrastructure, and data quality and availability. El-Homsi has more than 25 years of global leadership of combined experience in Artificial Intelligence, applied statistics, lean six sigma, and design thinking. He held management positions at Verizon Communications Inc., Cisco Systems, and Space Systems Loral and is the author of “Artificial Intelligence, A Leader’s Guide to Building the Future”.

Roy Labban , CEO of Previse AI, will be highlighting the current state of the construction industry. He will discuss the challenges faced in the construction scene and the solution provided by his startup using machine learning and A.I. Labban has more than 20 years of experience in database application development, business intelligence and analytics, computer modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain and holds a PhD in Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Alberta.

Kevin Boutros – CEO and co-founder of Quadra, will be talking about the solutions that A.I. has implemented on the agricultural industry and how Quadra used artificial intelligence to detect external and internal defects in fruits to secure high accuracy. Boutros and his team are part of the Agrytech Accelerator Program and have amassed over 100,000 USD in grants and prizes in less than a year.

Berytech has been awarded, since 2016, to create the GIST Innovation Hub in Lebanon thus joining a vibrant network of programs that nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators through direct, on-the-ground training.