Session #2: Securing Nutritious Food for MENA Population

Thursday, October 22, 2020 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm · Zoom Webinar

About The Meetup

To achieve food security, the food ingested must be safe and must be enough to meet the physiological requirements of each individual. 

Developing countries struggle to secure food utilization for their population, with the key challenge of securing proper metabolism and proper nutritional intakes for all individuals. A main component of this utilization is food safety. Food safety affects food utilization, and can be affected by the preparation, processing, and cooking of food in the community and household. 

Join us for this new Berytech Meetups session to hear from leading entrepreneurs and experts about the power of entrepreneurship in empowering families and local agri-food businesses to profitably provide nutritious, safe, and healthy food to MENA population.  

In this session, you will also learn about how you can launch your innovative business and help Lebanon and the MENA region increase the stability of food supplies to our populations. 

This is the second session of the Berytech Meetups’ Food Security in the MENA region Series. Through this 4-session series, you will connect with international experts and entrepreneurs building the 4 pillars of food safety in a post COVID19 world: Availability, Access, Utilization, and Stability.

Join us for this series to harness their expertise and life experiences and learn how you can address, at a profit, the challenges of building a vital safety net for MENA populations.

Meet The Speakers


Souha Nasser

Berytech Agri-food Expert

Soha is passionate about Innovation, ever since her academic journey in Agri-Food Engineering. She worked on creating a biodegradable food packaging film in her senior project. Driven by her passion, she started her career in Product Development and R&D and continued to grow in the field between poultry and dairy industries in Lebanon. For almost 6 years, and in addition to her product development skills, she acquired a wide experience in Marketing, Market Research, Business Processes, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. On top of her technical experience, Soha is also passionate about Leadership and Talent Development and believes in making a positive impact by using both passions.


Fidele El Achkar

Co-Founder of FoodSight

Fidele is a Food Safety consultant and lead auditor. She has worked in the food industry for more than 8 years and is an active member of multiple professional and social NGOs: LLWB, WIOO (Women In Olive Oil), NAAM (نعم). She is also the former president Rotaract-Rotary international. Fidele is a Humanitarian ambassador.


Ghina Al Hallak

Retail Associate at the United Nations World Food Programme in Lebanon

Ghina is Retail Associate at the United Nations World Food Programme in Lebanon. She has been part of the WFP family since 2015 and played an integral role in the launch of the retail engagement strategy in Lebanon. She also advises WFP on a global level in retail strategies and cash-based transfers. Ghina has over 11 years of cross-functional experience covering finance, supply chain, and operation.


Makram Bou Nassar

Lecturer On Entrepreneurship in Agriculture at AUB FAFS

Makram is the Executive Director at the Central Bank of Lebanon, and also a part-time Professor at the American University of Beirut (Economics & Agribusiness), Lebanese American University and the Lebanese University. He participated as a speaker in several local and international conferences organized by the IMF, World Bank, AMF, Banque De France, Union of Arab Banks, Banque Du Liban, AUB, LAU and others. He is the President of the Social Work League and a  Board member at MIDCLEAR. He is the holder of a Ph.D. in Economics and a MSc. International Money and Banking, both from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He earned his B.A. in Economics from AUB and another B.A. Law (License Droit) from the Lebanese University.

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About Berytech Meetups

Berytech Meetups is a program powered by the Global Innovation of Science and Technology network (GIST), initiated by the U.S. Department of State, aiming at building a strong and vibrant network of entrepreneurs in Lebanon focusing on science and technology.

This year, Berytech is organizing Meetups powered by GIST with a series tackling five (5) major issues for Lebanon and the MENA region: Food Security in the MENA Region, Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon, Renewable Energy, Solid Waste Management, and Raising a Generation of Coders.

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