Berytech Meetups Powered by GIST: February Edition

February 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm
Till: February 27, 2018 at 7:30 pm
Berytech Innovation Park Bechara el Khoury BDD 1294

The February Edition of the Berytech Meetups will dive into the world of Digital Fabrication with expert guest speakers:

Elie Hanna will provide an overview about Digital Fabrication, discuss how it has affected the creation of ideas and created rapid growth in product development, the new technologies and machines being used, challenges faced in Lebanon and the opportunities that this industry is creating. 

Guillaume Credoz will discuss design and prototyping using digital fabrication, the do’s and don’ts when creating a prototype using 3D printers and other machines, and some successful projects that were designed using digital fabrication.

Wael Khalil will discuss Berytech’s role in supporting digital fabrication, providing an overview of the Fab Lab, it’s activities, the technology it is using and the makers movement in general.

The talks will be followed by networking over pizza and drinks.

For more information, contact Tala Saleh, Berytech’s Events and Outreach Coordinator –

More about the Speakers:


Elie Hanna

Through his work in Lebanon and abroad, Elie Hanna gained a wide experience in the broad domain of materials, the different methods of fabrication techniques; starting from traditional techniques to innovative digital fabrication as well as new techniques for mass production. His ongoing search for raising questions and looking for answers along with his strive for finding design solutions, Elie Hanna aims to add a new twist to every single space and design objects he creates. As a design Educator, he combines theory and craftsmanship and aspire to share his knowledge and experience by providing consulting services, trainings and workshops for organizations and companies.


Guillaume Credoz

Guillaume Crédoz is an architect, who has worked and lived in France, Canada, Turkey, Syria and is now practicing in Lebanon. He has taught environment design and architecture at the Université du Québec à Montréal and the Université de Montréal. Having set up the first 3D-printing company and built the first 3D-printer in the Middle East, Crédoz is recognised as a leading figure of the regional maker movement. His practice spans art and architecture, including the design of appliances and machines. Here, in mid-career, he has produced a compilation of proven design strategies, illustrated at length through a wide variety of projects.


Wael Khalil

Wael is a Mechanical Engineer with wide experience in Digital Design & Fabrication. He has a diverse engineering background with valuable experience in the electromechanical industry, including pipe manufacturing and equipment installation for oil & gas and pump station projects. As a mechanical engineer, he has a strong background in the basic principles of engineering, methods and practices in mechanical system design. In addition, he is proficient in using most advanced CAD designing tools and programming software available in the market. Wael also has technical experience in operating and controlling a wide range of digital fabrication tools and equipment including but not limited to Laser Cutters, 3D printers, and CNC machines.