Webinar #3: Cleantech in the Water Sector –
Challenges & Opportunities

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 from 3:00 pm till 4:30 pm · Zoom Webinar

About The Session

During this webinar, guest experts and entrepreneurs will present the different challenges and opportunities in the water sector. This session should inspire anyone innovating in this sector to focus on their idea or startup, and learn more about applying to the Cleanergy Accelerator program.

This webinar will cover the Water-Energy Nexus of Water Services in Lebanon, and Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts to Increase Water Availability by Water Reuse and Desalination

  • Introduction to Cleantech Learning Series and overview of the webinar  
  • Expert Intervention 1 
  • Expert Intervention 2 
  • Entrepreneur Intervention 
  • Q & A
  • Closing 

Meet The Speakers


Christina Jungfer

Project Manager at DECHEMA

Dr. Christina Jungfer graduated her studies in biology, followed by a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with focus on Technical Biology. Since 2012 she works at DECHEMA e.V. as project manager in several water related European and national funded projects. The focus of her current work is the integrated industrial water management as well as the reuse of water in industry, also at the interface to other sectors (municipalities, agriculture). 


Suzy Hoayek

Advisor to the Minister at Ministry of Energy and Water

Suzy Hoayek is a hydraulic engineer with more than 13 years of experience in the Water 

Sector. Following her graduation, she worked with Dar Al Handasa Shair & Partners in the 

Resources & Environment department, enabling her to extend her technical knowledge and 

expertise in water and wastewater. In 2014 she obtained an International Masters from 

AgroParistech in the Management and Treatment of Water & Wastewater before joining the 

Ministry of Energy and Water to become Advisor to the successive Ministers for the Water 

Sector. Currently, she manages and coordinates the update of the National Water Sector 

Strategy and the implementation of the reforms in the water sector, including drafting the 

executive decrees of the Water Code. Suzy is a pioneer in the Water Sector and strives every day to make water in Lebanon more accessible to every citizen and a source of wealth to the Lebanese Government. 


Ziad Hussami

Co-Founder and CEO of Mruna

Ziad is co-founder and CEO of Mruna. Mruna specializes in solutions and services which promote sustainability and urban resilience. He has international experience in Urban Planning and Sustainable Construction within the Middle East and the US. He has held a variety of roles, in both the private and public sectors, which advance a holistic understanding of the spectrum of stakeholders and skills involved in the urban development process. 

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About Cleantech Learning Series

Our country has suffered during the last decade from high deterioration in the infrastructure and hygiene sectors in addition to the high cost of operating and consuming energy and water. The aim today is to create a community of entrepreneurs and an orbit of experts and supporters, leading to the creation of startups that would serve the local, regional and international needs. The educational series is showcasing a number of key experts alongside successful entrepreneurs in each of the following sectors, in recurring weekly webinars.

The Cleantech Learning Series is organized by Berytech under the Cleanergy Program, co-funded by The Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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