Session 2: Dealing With Stress &
Anxiety During Challenging Times

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 from 5:45 pm till 8:15 pm · Zoom Webinar

About The Session

Stress will always be present in our daily life. A certain amount of stress keeps us going, however, negative stress can have drastic effects on our mental, emotional and physical health. Learning how to manage our stress is becoming a vital skill to master. 

With the Corona outbreak and so many stressors around us, dealing with our mental health and knowing how to release our stress is a must. 

In this session, you will learn the best practices of Stress Management. The training is designed to cover strategies to understand what is stress, how our body works as well as the best relaxation and daily techniques to adopt in our lifestyle coupled with valuable tips and examples. 

Workshop objectives & expected outcome

  • Assessing current personal conscious and unconscious stress level
  • Understanding the difference between positive and negative stress
  • Discovering the hidden effects of stress and how it affects us
  • Understanding how our brain works and the stress hormones
  • Techniques to implement to decrease negative stress especially during difficult times
  • Manage stress related to change and new challenges like corona, economical crisis, etc
  • Tips for relaxation and instant calming down


Randa Farah

HR Specialist, Organizational Psychologist, Master NLP Practitioner

Randa is a Certified Trainer from the UK, certified Happiness at Work Expert from Denmark, and Stress management & personal growth specialist. She is the Founder of I Have Learned Academy (School of Life) & (Calendar of Events) and a University Instructor at USJ.  She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of HR and soft skills training, and has worked with big corporations in various fields and industries. She holds 3 university degrees; Human Resources Management, Industrial Psychology and Business – Advertising & Marketing. Randa ensures to have a rich content in her workshops, an interactive approach and encourages out of the box thinking. Her moto is: Do what you love… Love what you do! 

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About the Self Management in Crisis Times Series

The Self Management in Crisis Time Series is part of the holistic package of emergency support provided to business owners through YBI’s global network of enterprise support organizations – like Berytech in Lebanon, both YBI members and non-profit delivery partners. This includes crisis helplines, targeted advice and signposting, online training through webinars, and mentoring. Learn more about the full Helping SMEs Build Resilience Program here.

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