Festive Season at Berytech

December 19, 2016 at 12:00 am
Dear Berytech Community,
The holiday season is coming upon us and like every year we’re planning a warm gathering for all the Berytech community over a delicious Christmas lunch in each of the 3 Berytech sites at 1 pm:

Monday December 19 at Berytech Digital Park, Bechara el khoury on the first floor

Tuesday December 20 at Berytech technology and health, Mathaf on the 10thfloor in the conference room

Wednesday December 21 at Berytech technology pole, Mar Roukoz, in the lobby

The Jazz Ensemble will be playing live music and special Christmas grooves while we sip on wine, top it with dessert, celebrate our achievements and set out our spirits to conquer the new year.
       Another plan for the holidays is to help Auxilia in their noble mission. For that, we will be putting large boxes in our building entrances to collect useful items (new shoes, bags, clothes, etc..) for children from the ages of 3 till 18. We’ll be also collecting money during our Christmas Lunch in private envelops to support the wonderful social workers who take care of the children. 
       Remember: a little sharing goes a long way!
       We’re looking forward to seeing you all there. Merry Christmas!