Final International Conference of The BESTMEDGRAPE Project

July 11 & 12, 2022 · Francois Bassil Auditorium, Campus of Innovation & Sports, USJ 

About the Conference

The Saint Joseph University of Beirut– Faculty of Science (Lebanese partner of the project) will host the final International Conference of BESTMEDGRAPE in Lebanon. The conference will be attended by the project’s partners, potential entrepreneurs, and researchers from the Mediterranean area. Many sessions will be held during the conference, presenting all the aspects of the project. Furthermore, a poster session will take place during the event. 

The registration will be open until June 30, 2022.

Poster Session

The Saint Joseph University of Beirut opened a call for contribution to the content of BESTMEDGRAPE conference through the Poster session. Anyone concerned can apply and submit an abstract that addresses the themes related to BESTMEDGRAPE project:

Theme 1 – Characterisation of grape and other Mediterranean cultivars.

Theme 2 – Extraction and characterization of polyphenol from grape pomace and food by-products or waste.

Theme 3 – Development and characterization of phytonanoformulations from grape pomace and food by-products or waste.

Theme 4 In vitro and in vivo bioactivity of phytonanoformulations from grape pomace and food by-products or waste.

Theme 5 Technology transfer and entrepreneurship based on grape and other Mediterranean by-products.


The Scientific Committee will review the abstracts and will select the best contributions to be presented as posters during the conference.

The poster must be in English and not larger than the A0 format (841 x 1189 mm).

The last chance to submit an abstract is on June 1, 2022. 

Submit your abstract here



BESTMEDGRAPE aims at supporting the creation of new startups/SMEs by transferring scientific/technological knowledge on local grape cultivars and the exploitation of wine by-products as a source of bioactive compounds that can be transformed into innovative commercial health products. The project will not only valorize a Mediterranean product – grape – but also the expansion of the grape value chain through the development of nanotechnological products, thus boosting the local economy, reducing environmental pollution and increasing employment opportunities.

Project in numbers:

  • Duration: 36 months: Start date: 01 September 2019 – End date: 31 August 2022 
  • € 3.3 million Total budget, € 2.6 million EU contribution, 20% Project co-financing 
  • Main source of funding: European Union (ENI CBC Med Programme)