Leadership Coaching Sessions

November 17, 2015 at 12:00 am
Berytech Digital Park

Join The Leadership Coaching Sessions

The one thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is the desire to make their idea a reality. What entrepreneurs need most of all—above and beyond a brilliant idea, financing, marketing skills, motivation, focus, etc.—is to create a lucid and empowering process leading to the realization of that vision.
Berytech has partnered with Certified Coaches Chérine Debbas & Ali Soubra to deliver a series of 8 group coaching sessions on Leadership. In the first series “Reveal Your Inner Leader”, participants will explore how to have a greater impact in their endeavour by reconnecting to their vision and values, while in the second series “Generate Authentic Dynamic Relationships”, they will learn to tap into the full potential of their teams. The Program will run as per the schedule below:

I – Reveal Your Inner Leader
Connect to your vision
Lead from your values
Thrive in a changing environment
Overcome your own limits

Note from the Coaches: it is recommended to take the sessions as a series, however they work perfectly well as stand-alone.

Price for each session: $149.
Bundle Price for the 4 sessions: Reveal Your Inner Leader: $499

II – Generate Authentic Dynamic Relationships
Relationship skills
Build a committed team
Learn to deal with toxic behaviors
Learn to realign your team

Timing: from 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm
Venue: Berytech Digital Park, BDD 1294, Beirut Digital District, Bechara El Khoury Highway.
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