Legal tips for Startup founders Workshop

October 13, 2016 at 12:00 am
Matharf - Beirut, Lebanon

Berytech in partnership with Lawyer Rita Khoriaty Naffah will be offering an info session on ” Legal tips for Startup founders ” on Thursday, October 13th, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Berytech Technology & Health, Mathaf, 10th floor.

Join the workshop to understand legal aspects of your startup, we will be exploring:

  • Incorporation of a company (Type of company, Status and limitation of liability, General information: minimum number of shareholders, minimum capital, corporate bodies, auditor, legal advisor, Incorporation process, Costs, expenses and legal fees ).
  • Overview of a venture capital transaction (Form of investments,  Issue price v/s nominal value of a share, Agreements, shareholders’ agreements, shares subscription agreement, lock-up agreement, option agreement, Corporate documents).
  • Basics of venture capital deals (Figures, pre-money valuation, post-money, valuation, issue price, Difference between preferred shares and common shares, Liquidation preference, Dividends distribution, Representations and warranties – indemnification clause, Corporate governance – Reserved matters, Preferential right, Preemption right, Drag-along / Tag-along rights, Anti-dilution, Redemption rights, Stock options)

Rita Khoriaty is a lawyer and a member of the Beirut Bar Association. She is Specialized in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, she advises several startups in the context of venture capital investments and has wide experience in private equity transactions. Rita holds a Ph.D. in Law from Paris 2 Assas University and is a lecturer on civil law at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Saint Joseph University.

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