Yalla Fintech Virtual Hackathons Series

August 24, 2020 at 12:00 am
Till: August 30, 2020 at 12:00 am
FinX22 Platform

Yalla Fintech is a virtual series of Hackathons run over a period of 6 weeks, organized by Fintech Galaxy on FinX22 Platform, and sponsored by regulators and institutions seeking solutions and apps for problem statements facing customers in the Arab region.

Berytech is Ecosystem Partners with Fintech Galaxy and happy to share these opportunities with its community in Lebanon and beyond.


Yalla Fintech

Yalla Fintech is the first-ever Pan-Arab virtual fintech hackathon series. The virtual hackathons, sponsored by leading banks and regulators from various Arab countries including Lebanon, are aimed at brainstorming new ideas to fight against COVID-19, creating opportunities for the youth and innovating the way we do financial services for a more financially inclusive society.

Registration for Yalla Fintech is open until August 14. Find out more here.


Running Hackathons

Hackweek will run between August 24 and 30 on FinX22, supported by a safe and secure API sandbox environment for rapid prototyping and commercialization.


AFE Fintech Hackathon

Digitizing & Sharing KYC in Arab Markets

How can digital solutions help unifying KYC procedures between Arab markets? How can we create single investor ID that an investor can use to trade on different markets freely?


The BSF Virtual Hackathon

Personal Financial Management

Saving can be difficult and life can get away from us. Saving up for that important milestone has never been more difficult, with more distractions and more opportunity to spend money than ever before. If only there was a way to passively save money in a fun way. Watch your wealth grow without any hassle.


The MINT Fintech Hackathon

Digital Lending & Credit Scoring for Non-Clients

Within this framework, MINT by EGBANK is calling out to entrepreneurs and startups who can think outside the box, to unlock disruptive powers of technology to help the unbanked customer get access to lending, in a cross-industry use-case, using smart digital tools, real time data and new access channels in Egypt.


The BENEFIT Virtual Hackathon

Digitizing SME payments

Currently micro and SMEs may not choose to use merchant version of BenefitPay as they may not have a corporate bank account or do not want to pay transaction fees. Other POS related payment solutions may not be feasible as well. Many of these businesses choose to use individual version of BenefitPay which could be used on one device and does not offer integration with the shop system.

Optimizing SME Credit Scoring

The current credit scoring of SMEs is lengthy and time consuming process, which beside other reasons discourage banks from lending SMEs. Also, it may make not feasible for SMEs to borrow, as they have to bear operational expenses during the wait period to receive funds they need for business.