Internet Exchange Point

first IXP
in lebanon


The principle governing the IXP is voluntary peering.

The IXP is a simple layer 2 switch (or a pair of redundant switches) used to exchange local traffic, allowing participants to exchange traffic locally with one or more other participants.

Since December 2007, Berytech is the official host of the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Lebanon, allowing local Internet traffic from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to move through a local bandwidth, at faster speed and at a lower cost for the service providers.

Why IXP?

Major ISPs accept traffic from each others and agree to carry the other’s packets to their downstream destination point:

  • Peering decreases Bandwidth cost: Optimum utilization of International Bandwidth
  • Improving quality of service: Traffic between ISPs has lower latency.
  • Provide basic infrastructure for “.lb” and other government initiatives.