Agroventure is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture by offering a variety of products and services that promote responsible farming practices. The store serves as a one-stop-shop for farmers seeking high-quality inputs, such as biopesticides, fertilizers, and natural soil amendments. Additionally, Agroventure provides farmers with native species’ seedlings that are well-suited to the local environment, helping to promote biodiversity and protect the region’s natural resources.

Agroventure goes beyond simply offering products, as it also provides consultation and training services to farmers. This helps farmers to improve their farming practices and optimize their yields while minimizing their environmental impact. The store’s expert team offers guidance on issues such as soil health, pest management, and crop rotation. Through its focus on sustainability and farmer empowerment, Agroventure is playing a vital role in promoting responsible agriculture in the region.

  • Agroventure was previously enrolled in the REAF program

Team Members

Mira Yehya / Co-Founder

Rabah Abu Ali / Co-Founder

Dana Yehya / Co-Founder