At MAWSAM, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the landscape for small-scale producers in Lebanon. Our dedicated hub is a haven for those facing unique challenges on their journey to bring exceptional products to the world. We are not just a business; we are a movement!

We exist to uplift and empower Lebanese Small Scale Producers by providing them with comprehensive support. Our commitment is to break barriers and create opportunities that foster growth, sustainability, and economic empowerment for our invaluable producers. We specialize in enhancing Business Development and Market Access for Lebanese Small Scale Producers. We understand the immense potential within our local communities. We are determined to help them overcome obstacles by offering Business Consultation, Logistical and Distribution Solutions, Access to Market, Expertise in Business Development, and more.

We aim to create a platform where they can harness the power of market access, logistical efficiency, and the business acumen of our team. By doing so, we’re pioneering a transformation in the sector, providing services and solutions that traditional market players often overlook.

    Team Members

    Nicolas Gholam / Co-Founder

    Michel Feghaly / Co-Founder