Established in 2019, A&M’s production venture has evolved significantly over five years, marking key milestones and setting ambitious future goals. Beginning modestly beneath a house, the company has expanded its operations by increasing its workforce and relocating to a more spacious facility, thereby boosting production capacities.

A&M’s vision for the upcoming years involves expanding its production lines, venturing into the retail supermarket market, and attaining export readiness. Specializing exclusively in potato sticks, commitment to quality and innovation has garnered substantial market experience in the food processing sector for A&M. With a focus on growth and adaptability, their journey reflects a steadfast dedication to excellence.

As they navigate the dynamic landscape of the snack industry, their past achievements and forward-looking vision position them as a formidable player in the market, ready to meet the evolving demands of consumers and explore new horizons in the years to come.

    Team Members

    Eliane Farhat / Business Development Manager