ATCO, established in 2012, stands as a thriving business located in Toul, Nabatieh. Beyond trade and distribution, this dynamic company ventured into industrial manufacturing with the establishment of a factory in 2014. The mission of ATCO is versatile, involving the creation, trade, and distribution of a wide collection of food items and industrial products throughout different Lebanese regions.
Looking towards the future, ATCO envisions a path of sustained growth by continuously developing its business and industry presence. The focus is on expanding the range of products, leveraging the potential of local agricultural production. The company aims to produce a diverse selection of items from its factory to cater to the varied markets in Lebanon and beyond.
ATCO prides itself on a commitment to providing quality products at reasonable prices. Specializing in pickled products sourced from Lebanese agriculture, including cucumbers, turnips, and olives, ATCO ensures a distinctive presence in the market. Among its top-selling products are pickled cucumbers, turnips, and olives.

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