Founded in 1996, Ayadina is a Lebanese culinary legacy rooted in Mouneh. Under the passionate guidance of Mrs. Amale Harb, we meticulously handcraft exceptional condiments, preserves, and specialties, perfect for the renowned Mediterranean diet.

Named “Ayadina,” meaning “handmade,” our products showcase Mrs. Harb’s dedication to using pure, natural ingredients. From aromatic dried herbs to pickled wild cucumbers, our range has expanded, adorning the shelves of high-quality retailers. Amale’s legacy continues with her son Roy and partner Nathalie, who operate from a dedicated kitchen. They preserve seasonal goodness, introduce new varieties, and adhere to evolving dietary needs and safety standards.

Ayadina envisions a global presence, committed to sustainability by supporting local farmers. We aim to introduce innovative products while staying true to our tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Ayadina invites you to savor natural goodness and embrace the flavors of tomorrow, preserving the essence of Lebanese cuisine.

    Team Members

    Roy Harb / General Manager & Founder