Baladi EST

Baladi EST, established in 1991, has an impressive 35 years of market experience as a player in the food processing industry. Specializing in the production of various mouneh products such as pickles, makdous, jams, tomato-based products, cereal-based products, dairy products and more, the company has earned a reputation for quality and diversity in its offerings. Baladi EST is committed to promoting circular economy practices and green economy approaches, positioning itself as a hub for local agricultural producers in Upper Shouf, the Belt of Bisri Valley, and surrounding areas. The vision includes fostering strong and sustained partnerships with enterprises that share similar goals.
Over the years, Baladi EST has achieved significant milestones, starting with its inception in 1991 and later expanding its facility in 1996 to accommodate increased production. The company formed partnerships with supermarket chains in 2000, supplying them with private-label products, and began export operations in 2007. Currently exporting to Canada, Baladi EST aims to expand further by increasing bulk production for private labels and enhancing its presence in the local market, focusing on retail stores. The vision and milestones highlight Baladi EST’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and growth in the dynamic food processing industry.

    Team Members

    Yara Abou Shakra / General Manager