Biotech is a startup that develops a method of replacing pesticides used for plant protection. Their specialty is vines where they take yeast from the soil and leaves of wine, creating biomass from this yeast and then reusing it to protect the vines in collaboration with Kefraya Winery.

Currently, we are developing a new subject in which we are using yeast as a by-product already used in the fermentation from the brewery and valorizing it by creating biomass from it and feeding the chicks with it so we can eat chicken with less pesticide residue.

  • Biotech is currently enrolled in the Agrytech program

Team Members

Myriam Massoud / Co-Founder

Salem Hayar / Co-Founder

Nivine Nasralla / Co-Founder

Fatima El Dana / Co-Founder

Ghalia Noun / Co-Founder

Soha Serhal / Co-Founder