Breeze Ice Cream

Breeze Ice Cream is a revolutionary frozen delight that is the infusion of an active molecule extracted from grape waste, harmoniously combined with the exquisite flavors of Lebanese fruits and meticulously refined ingredients.

With this exceptional fusion, the startup has created a guilt-free dessert without the inclusion of harmful white sugar.

Breeze Ice Cream takes immense pride in safeguarding all essential vitamins, nutrients, and flavors within their ice cream, prioritizing well-being above all.

Their commitment to natural goodness surpasses the mere absence of added sugar. They exclusively employ natural additives, guaranteeing consumption of only the finest components. Moreover, their ice cream is crafted using state-of-the-art green technology, minimizing environmental impact and contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

Breeze Ice Cream is elegantly packaged in a convenient biscuit cup for an enhanced experience.

    Team Members

    Leila Khalife / Co-Founder

    Pamela Slaiby / Co-Founder