Cedars Trail Riding Club

Cedars Trail Riding Club offers a unique and authentic equestrian experience in Lebanon. As the first of its kind in the country, it allows visitors to explore the stunning region of Shouf in an environmentally sustainable way. The club provides multi-day treks on horseback, giving riders the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions while experiencing real rural life.

With a focus on ecotourism, Cedars Trail Riding Club takes visitors off the beaten path to discover hidden gems of the region, including breathtaking landscapes, natural wonders, and historic sites. The club offers a variety of packages, from day trips to multi-day treks, catering to different levels of experience and interest. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, Cedars Trail Riding Club provides a safe and enjoyable way to explore the beauty of Shouf on horseback.

  • Cedars Trail Riding Club graduated Top 3 from Batch 1 Phase 2 of the REAF program.

Team Members

Omar ghanem / Co-Founder

Wael Hammad / Co-Founder