Chadi Snaifer

WIDER - Business Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Chadi is a vibrant, and self-motivated professional coach, trainer and business consultant, who is eager to apply the most scientific concepts into the day-to-day activities of the people he works with. He has a blend of behavioral and technical skills that positioned him as influential coach and very efficient business consultant.

He is highly skilled in startup thinking, ideas materialization, budgeting, strategic planning, circulation (distribution & quality control), customer needs assessment, establishing priorities, training, delegating tasks and team motivation.

He has solid knowledge in most GCC & Levant markets, with a vast and diversified portfolio of national and multi-national accounts, along with different types of industries including social entrepreneurs.

His experience extends between coaching and consulting and high-level research and analysis which gives his sessions and consulting plans a very practical aspect with a motivational and interactive style.

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